Englisch-Stammtisch III

"It's the nicest Monday of the week!" always say the members of our Monday-Morning-Meetings in the Seniors' Centre in Hofheim opposite the railwaystation. We are a group of retired people who like to practice our English. Really we have become friends over the years and enjoy each other's company. There are always interesting topics to talk about; sometimes one or the other tells us about holidays abroad. It is so important to have a good knowledge of English when travelling in foreign countries. Often one even needs it nowadays to understand modern advertising in Germany! Sometimes we read an article from the newspaper about current political events that are interesting for everybody. We discuss questions about differences between the generations or listen when somebody talks about cultural events during the weekend. We are just a happy group of "young oldies" who like the easy-going atmosphere, enjoy laughter and celebrating birthdays with a glass of sparkling wine every now and then. The group is guided by Danish-born Anne Schöbel-Wiesemann who has a very lively way of catching everybody's attention. We are always looking forward to the next Monday to see again the familiar faces and chat in English.

Where: Burgstraße 28 (Kellereigebäude)
When: Montags von 10.30 am - 12.00 am.

For further information call: Anne Schöbel-Wiesemann, Tel. 0 61 92 / 52 46

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